About Me

My name is Ken. I’m just a typical guy focused on improving my life through fitness

I ran cross country in high school, then got to college and got pretty lazy.  I still ‘ran’ Boston almost every year, but that was pretty much it.  After being humbled by a poor performance in 2012 (ie I walked most of the way), I realized I wasn’t 18 anymore, and it was about time I got back into shape.  For months things went pretty well.  My body remembered what it was like to run, and my mind rejoiced at the rediscovered passion.  I was a runner again

Then on April 15th, 2013, everything I believe in was challenged. Barely a hundred feet away from the first explosion that day, I knew immediately I was there for a reason. I knew I would be back every year after, no matter what. It took me nearly two years to get past my own resulting demons, but through running I became stronger than ever. I emerged prouder of being both a Bostonian and a runner, and more committed than ever to making the world a better place

But it’s never easy. Throughout 2015 I was knocking off all my old high school PR’s. I was in the best running shape of my life, and rapidly improving. Then in mid December, cycling home from work, my life was forever changed. A distracted driver plowed straight through me from behind, then sped off. Miraculously I survived – but I was left with significant injuries. The neurological and spinal issues from that crash devastated my life. I lost my livelihood and my home.  But I would not give up. My Boston experience had made me psychologically invincible. This would test that, but I would not falter. I continued running. Painfully. Slowly. But still running

Now as I continue to heal, Boston remains my internal fire, and has driven me to a level of running I never thought I could attain.  Most importantly, it has taught me to cherish the run. Where the mind leads, the body will follow. I’ve been through the abyss and I’ve been to the pinnacle. I kinda like it here on top, so don’t expect me to stop running. Ever

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